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Almond Protein Balls

Say goodbye to that 3pm slump and say hello to your healthy afternoon pick-me-up (oooohhh yeeeeah)! I'll help you recharge whilst curbing any afternoon cravings or procrastination.

Babe benefits:

- Say bye-bye to any afternoon cravings and manage hunger levels until dins!
- Recharge & reboot energy levels.
- Return to the sassy #girlboss you are! 

Honest ingredients:

Dates, Almonds, Organic Fair Trade Coconut, Whey Protein Concentrate, Cranberries and nothing else!

What's not in me?

Sugars, gluten, GMO's, sweeteners, artificial flavors, nasties, emulsifiers, yucky stuff, or stabilizers

My star ingredients:

Almonds: In a nutshell, almonds are bursting with all the goods a busy babe needs to dominate the day; helping boost energy levels, stimulate weight loss, manage hunger levels and make your skin glow and glow and glow! They also contain healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E – almond power to the rescue

Co-co-nut: Reduces sugar cravings, aids weight loss, boosts the metabolism and increases the activity of fat burning cells. It’s easy to see why we cram our balls with this miracle worker – we’re nuts for it!


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