FAQs - Collagen

What exactly is Collagen?
Collagen is the most plentiful protein found in our body and is really an all rounder when it comes to body, belly and beauty benefits. It helps us build our connective tissue in our bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Plus, it supports healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and digestion.

If my body is full of the stuff, why should I bother eating it?
Unlike fine wine, our collagen production doesn’t get better with age. Unfortunately, our natural collagen production begins slowing in our mid-twenties and the signs of ageing begin to appear (hello sad sagging skin, achy joints and an unhappy gut). The good news is you can top up your natural collagen levels by adding it to your daily diet.

What are the benefits off Collagen? 
Collagen has a bucket-load of benefits for your body, beauty & belly. We've highlighted our favorite ones below. 

- Boosts metabolism
- Helps create lean, toned muscles
- Reduces appearance of cellulite

- Nourishes and strengthens hair, skin and nails
- Promotes youthful, glowing skin

- Collagen is fantastic for aiding digestion and gut health in general

Why Marine Collagen?
Marine Collagen? It might sound fishy, but it’s actually tasteless and full of natural beauty benefits. Our beauty boosting balls contain the purest and highest grade of Marine Collagen in the world rich in protein, fatty acids and essential beautifying vitamins. Marine Collagen is scientifically recognised as the most bio-available form of collagen available, being absorbed much faster and more efficiently by the body to help reactivate and restore the collagen your body is no longer producing. Our all natural Marine Collagen contains no wheat, gluten, sugar, additives, preservatives or flavours and is free from any heavy metals, toxins or pollution.

What does it taste like?
NOTHING! Well, at least the collagen doesn't; our snacks on the other hand are 100% delicious! The terrific Marine Collagen beauty balls come in two deliciously decadent flavours - Choc Cherry and Choc Sea Salt. So you’ll be able to reap all the rewards of Marine collagen whilst enjoying a guilt-free treat.

How often should I eat Collagen? 
We recommend a DAILY serving for optimal results.

Is it Vegan friendly?
As much as we’d love every babe to lap all the goodness our collagen balls have to offer, these contain sustainably sourced marine collagen, which is derived from fish. Not to fear! We had a variety of other delicious snacks that are totally Vegan friendly so no one misses out!

Do they need to be refrigerated?
Nope! So long as they’re stored in a cool and dry place below 20 degree (your kitchen cupboard works a treat), they’ll be fine for up to 6 months!

Do they contain any GMO's?
Definitely not. All our products are 100% GMO-free.

What else is in the balls?
No nasties! This includes gluten, palm, soy, added sweeteners, syrups or refined sugars.

Do they come in a variety of flavours?
Our collagen balls are available in two irresistibly yummy flavors: Choc Cherry and Choc Sea Salt. Try pick a favorite… we still can’t!!!

Is it safe to consume while pregnant/breastfeeding?
Yes! Collagen is fine to consume while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. In fact, it is often recommended, read more here. However we always recommend that you speak to a health professional when pregnant before adding anything new into your diet. 

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