FAQs - Protein Balls

What are the benefits of eating Health Lab Protein Balls?
We could make lots of special claims and promises about our protein balls ...however we are simply honest Protein Balls for busy babes on the go that want to get more out of themselves and each day! 

What makes you're protein balls 'honest'?
Essentially it's whats NOT in our snacks that keep them (and us) honest. You won't find our snacks containing complicated ingredients lists, bogus health claims, refined sugars, anything artificial, gluten, GMO's, soy, palm, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers or thickeners. We are all about real and natural ingredients. 

Are your protein balls Vegan friendly?
We now have a range of vegan and dairy free protein balls for you!
And the best part is they taste just as good as the rest of our balls. 

Are you're protein balls non-GMO? 
Yes they certainly are!

A trustworthy friend told me that you are made from an ancient protein powder from the Amazon, is this true?
We are simply made with a natural Pea or Whey protein that is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and doesn't contain any additives or sweeteners. Protein is required for the support of lean muscle mass, energy levels, immune function, weight control and is the foundation for all enzyme activity needed for basic body maintenance and detoxification.

Are the Protein Balls Gluten-Free?
Yes, all our balls are gluten free and grain free.

Can you eat the protein balls if pregnant?
We always recommend that you speak to a health professional when pregnant before adding anything new into your diet. But if your doctor says no, then seek another opinion.

Are the Protein Balls addictive?
We taste too good to be so healthy! Warning, we are totally 100% naturally addictive.

How do I store the Protein Balls?
We last 6 months if kept in a cool, dry place below 24 degrees. But we don't recommend refrigeration unless you live somewhere tropical! 

Are your protein balls Kosher?
Yep! All of our protein balls are certified Kosher.