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Our Story

Hi! We're Health Lab, a wellness and beauty brand inspired by what real women need and want. We’re dedicated to creating uncomplicated, clever, stress-free and convenient wellness and beauty solutions for busy women.

In 2015, our Founder Jess was tired of trying to navigate the “healthy” snacks that were available with their complicated ingredients lists, artificial nasties, silly claims, a focus on diet and deprivation and cardboard-like taste. All she wanted was uncomplicated, clean, clever and satisfying snacks that helped busy women thrive. So Jess quit her corporate job, sold her car for cash and started hand rolling protein balls in her kitchen. And let’s just say she hasn’t looked back since.

A few years into Health Lab’s journey, Jess was inspired to blend her new passion for wellness with her background in beauty, having spent many previous years in the beauty world at L’Oréal. This lead to the launch of our clever beauty snacks and blends that help address women’s beauty needs from within while keeping beauty fuss-free, stress-free and BS-free.

Now 3 years since launch, Jess & the Health Lab  team have been on quite a roll launching plant-based protein balls, probiotic wellness balls, collagen beauty balls, hemp energy balls, kid’s snacks and now beauty and wellness blend range, and their wellness and beauty products can be enjoyed from thousands of retailers around the world.

We have created a uniquely fun and innovative health and lifestyle brand, that engages and connects with like-minded millennial Women across the globe. We are thrilled to be setting up headquarters and spreading our wings into the US market." - Jess Thomas, Health Lab Founder.

We hope you fall in love with our clever and complete beauty and wellness solutions designed for busy women and busy living. 

 Jess Thomas, Founder